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There are no perfect "do it all gloves". There are always trade-offs among longevity, insulation values, dexterity and price. For this reason we've included a chart below so you can compare the relative strengths of different types of gloves and mitts. Zetex has a higher heat rating than Kevlar, but doesn't have the durability of leather. ZetexPlus has great heat properties, but because of the necessary insulation, is not as dexterous as leather. If you don't find the glove for you on the comparison chart, feel free to give us a call for our recommendations.
When dealing with direct contact temperatures (up to 2000°F), nothing beats ZetexPlus Mittens. The photo to the right shows a 2000°F heavy metal pipe being held comfortably for 20+ seconds. That's plenty of time to manually lift those heavy or delicate Raku pieces directly from the kiln, at temperature, without tongs. (Always wear appropriate heat protective clothing also.) Call us to discuss your heat protection needs. All Zetex and ZetexPlus products are UL listed.

23" Mitten Shown

Double Palm Mittens

This is the top-of-the-line extreme heat mitten. If it's glowing hot, you can pick it up with these. (Remember, if you are that close to high heat, the rest of your clothing is at risk! See our Protective Clothing page for body, head, face, and eye protection) UL Listed for direct contact up to 2000°F. The money spent on these gloves is for superior heat protection not mechanical wear. If used regularly, overmitts will help protect your mittens from wear.

14" Price: $129.00

23" Price: $165.00


Protect your investment with these ZetexPlus overmitts that fit over the Double Palm mitten. Covers to the bottom of your palm. Uninsulated. Not for use with other gloves.

9" Price: $59.50


Zetex™ Gloves

Made of UL Listed Zetex fabric. These gloves are full cut to fit the average sized man's hand. UL Listed. Though these gloves insulate well, they are not as durable as leather.

NOTE: These gloves are not suitable for rough work such as wood-firing or rough raku situations.

14" Price: $79.00

23" Price: $105.00

A-Excellent B-Good C-Fair D-Poor

hand insulation

durability from
temps > 1500F

durability from
mechanical wear

non-hardening from
high heat exposure

handling dexterity
B+ B-

Men's Leather Gloves

Made to the same rugged specs as our Women’s Glove, these insulated gloves are cut fuller for larger sized hands. They feature the same “sock” fit liner and aluminized Kevlar™ layer that is in the glove above. “Sock” fit liners don’t have the seams that other liners have, thus preventing heat seepage through the seams.

14" Price: $59.00

23" Price: $73.95

14" Glove
23" Glove