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Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic fiber is a great material for new kilns and furnaces or lining existing ones. In addition to the tremendous fuel savings offered by fiber, these products are easy to use, light weight, and durable. The fiber products listed are of two types: 2300F and 2600F. Temperature ratings on fiber and all refractory products, relate to their intermittent service limit and not their continuous duty rating. All ceramic fiber and refractories should be used at 250F or more below their service limit. If your equipment runs in the 2300F range, 2600 fiber should be used at least on the inside 2 of hot face.

NOTE: Although ceramic fiber does not contain asbestos, fiber particles can be very irritating. The use of an approved respirator and protective clothing is necessary during construction & removal.




• Building all Types of Kilns & Furnaces
• Glass Annealing ovens & Glory Holes
• Lining for Electric Kilns
• Lining for Flues
• Lining for Brick Kilns
• Kiln Door Construction

Unifrax has recently developed a revolutionary new silica-magnesia fiber that is soluble in lung tissue (IsoFrax 1400). Because of its unique chemistry it falls below regulatory thresholds and contains NO additional labeling or health warnings. Isofrax™ also passes the more stringent EU protocals (European) regarding ceramic fiber products and has been exempted from classification or labeling as a potential carcinogen. Further, it is NOT listed as a hazardous material by the states of CA, NJ, or PA. It still may cause mechanical irritation, so proper clothing and respirators are still recommended. This is the only 2300F ceramic fiber we now carry and use it exclusively in the production of our Raku kilns. We also sell a 2600F 8lb density fiber made by Unifrax for higher temperature applications but, it does carry the health warnings that Isofrax is exempt from.

Rolls Measure; 2ft wide x 24ft long x 1” thick

Isofrax 1400. A 2300F low iron, high purity needled blanket for use in oxidation or reduction. 6lb density. We also sell this fiber by the running ft. (running ft = 2’ x 1’).

full roll 6# $329.00                 By the running ft. $16.50

Durablanket 2600 A 2600F blanket featuring thermal stability, resistance to vibration, and thermal abuse. Available in 8 lb density. This fiber DOES contain the health warnings found on most ceramic fiber products.

full roll 8# $ 329.00

NOTE: All ceramic fiber when repeatedly exposed to temperatures above 1800F, begins to produce Cristobalite, a known carcinogen. Use proper precautions when removing used fiber from service.

Go to our Technical Downloads page for MSDS and additional information on the above products

High Temp. Wire. A 15ga wire used for making staples or element pins. When used with homemade clay washers or pieces of ceramic fiber, it holds fiber to the kiln shell. A common system for Raku kilns.

Less than 50' - $ .70 per ft                     over 50' - $ .55 per ft

Fiber Boards

Backup Insulation for Fiber
Back up for Bricks or Castables
Combustion Chamber Linings
Gaskets & Seals
Kiln & Stack Linings
Jewlery Soldering Boards
Damper Boards

Ceramic fiber or mineral wool formed into rigid boards has many uses. They are noted for their low thermal conductivity and excellent handling strength. It is easily machined, drilled, sawed, and fabricated. Available in temperature ratings of 1900F, 2300F, 2600F.

Insblock 19 is a lightweight mineral wool block that retains it's stability and high thermal efficiency. It is honeycombed with countless dead air cells for maximum insulating value, yet it's interlocking fibrous structure produces a tough resilent block. Not recommended for hot face applications, backup only.

1" x 1' x 3'....16pcs per carton....ctn: $239.00    less than carton: $ 10.50 sq/ft

Insboard 23 is a lightweight refractory board processed from alumina-silica fibers formed into a board. It's intermittent service limit is 2300F. Board measures 1" x 24" x 36".

$ 179.00 per board    less than full board: $ 64.50 per sq/ft

Insboard 26 is the same as above but with a higher intermittent service limit of 2600F

$ 219.00 per board    less than full board: $ 89.50 per sq/ft