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Pressure Gauges

We carry a full range of pressure gauges for your kiln or furnace. To help you understand what gauges do and don't do, here's a short explanation;

Gauges that we carry fall into two types: Diaphragm and Bourdon Tube. Diaphragm gauges are more sensitive and delicate. They are used to measure lower pressures (up to 10 PSI). The definition of low pressure, though, is anything under 1 PSI (pounds per sq. inch). When using pressures below 1 PSI, the scale of Water Column inches is used (WC). There are 27.7" WC in 1 PSI. Most Natural Gas is delivered at 7"WC while 11"WC is a common propane delivery pressure. There are three different types of pressure readings; Gauge or Differential, Pressure Drop, and Manifold. Depending on the location of the gauge, you will get one of these types of readings all of which can be different. Gauge Pressure varies depending on orifice size. It is a reference number only and does not actually measure flow. Manifold pressure is the pressure used to determine orifice sizing and BTU output.

0-10" wc $63.95
0-15" wc $63.95
0-60" wc $63.95
0-100" wc $63.95
0-5 psi $63.95
0-10 psi
0-15 psi
0-30 psi