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H19NA Baso Valve $251.95

100% Shut-off for High Pressure to 25 psi

High pressure design allows use on gas pressures up to 25 PSI. Pilot gas is taken from within the control. Gas will pass to both pilot and main burner when reset button is depressed (H19RA). Gas will not pass to the main burner equipped with flow interupter (H19LA) when reset button is depressed. Loss of signal from thermocouple shuts off both main and pilot burners. Full specs for the H19 Series of Baso Valves can be downloaded at the link below;

NOTE: The number (or number and letter) that appear after the model number (such as H19RA-2C) apply only to how the valve is packaged from the manufacturer. So, an H19RA-1 is the same exact valve as a H19RA-2C... it is just packaged differently.

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