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Protective Clothing, Face, Head, & Eye Protection
When dealing with large, glowing work or working near large, open furnaces, folks can be subjected to tremendous amounts of radiant heat. Zetex aluminized protective suits & components are UL rated to withstand up to 2000°F radiant heat for this type of working environment. (For direct contact at 2000° see ZetexPlus products on the Glove & Mitten pages). Feel free to call us to discuss all of your protective clothing needs. Just because it's not on these pages, doesn't mean we don't carry what you're looking for.

Aluminized Hood

Made from aluminized Rayon with a fixed face shield and flame retardant cotton liner. Protects head & shoulders. Features an adjustable ratchet interior and room for goggles, glasses, or respirator use.

Price: $495.00

Aluminized Pants

Aluminized Zetex safety clothing is made with aluminum film bonded to durable Zetex fabric. These clothes provide excellent heat reflection and resistance to delamination, cracking, and peeling. All clothes are lined with Flame Retardant cotton. Made to last and pretty damn stylish too...
Pants. High waist design with an 8 point, all elastic, adjustable suspenders. Snapped triangular storm fly front and snap adjustments at leg bottom.

Sm 30-32     Med 34-36    Lg 38-40    XL 42-44    2XL 46-48

Small thru Large Price: $325.00      XL's Price: $357.50

Aluminized Coat

Tailored sleeves with covered snap adjustment. Lined with FR Cotton. 32 inches in length. When ordering sizes, order the size you normally wear in street clothes. Aluminized clothing is cut large to fit over your street clothes.

Sm 30-32    Med 34-36    Lg 38-40    XL 42-44    XXL 46-48

Small thru Large Price: $329.00       XL's Price: $361.90



Aluminized Apron

These bib-style aprons reflect 90% of radiant heat and protects the chest and upper legs from heat wash. 24"wide x 40"long. If you've ever tried to get away from your pants when they're real hot, you'll be needing this...

Price: $89.50

Aluminized Full Suit

This complete suit includes hood (with lift front), coat, pants, gloves (aluminized Zetex with leather palms), shoes, and carrying case. Gold film is included on the face shield at no extra cost. Lined with FR Cotton. 

Small thru Large Price: $1899.00       XL's Price: $2088.90

Economy Face Protector

This face protector prevents low levels of radiant heat from burning the face, neck, and ears. Perfect for light Raku firing or furnace & kiln viewing. The dark grey face shield is made of polycarbonate for heat resistance and reduced glare. This face sheild should only be used in light heat situations. (Raku done in street clothing.) If your heat requirements demand that you use speciality protective clothing, this face sheild could warp and sag from higher heat exposures. If this is the case, the face sheilds below are more appropriate. It has a soft vinyl headband and adjusts from size 6 to 8 1/2 in 1/8 increments. Features a ratcheting adjustment for quick head size adjustment.

Price: $36.50


24K Gold Coated Faceshield

This faceshield is made with a coating of pure 24K gold, the best heat reflector you can use. Made for higher heat use than the economy model above, the shield is twice as thick and features a chin guard for extra protection. A must for those exposed to higher levels of heat such as very large Raku kilns and foundry work. Provides excellent UV and IR protection. NOTE: If conditions warrant the use of this faceshield, then protective clothing and hair protection is strongly advised.

Price: $169.00


24K Gold Coated Didymium II Faceshield

With the same 24K Gold coating as the shield above, this Didymium II face shield eliminates the yellow part of the spectrum allowing one to see "through" the flame. Ideal for glass workers doing torch or glory hole work. Wood kiln users are protected from extreme heat while cone viewing in the presence of flame. You'll wonder how you worked without one....

Price: $169.00

Nomex™ Flash Hood

Made from Nomex III, this hood is soft, breathable, and washable. Protects facial hair or long hair from sparks and radiant heat that could singe or ignite hair. Also protects ears and neck.

Price: $58.00